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Farmers Insurance - TV

We Know From Experience

Farmers Insurance - "We Know From Experience"

We ran an internal contest at Farmers to find the most outrageous claims our agents have every covered and we created a campaign about them. Because if Farmers can cover these crazy claims, we can cover whatever life throws your way. 

Destructible Ads

How do you get people to interact with your pre-roll ad, when they’ve been conditioned to hit the “skip” button as quickly as possible? You give them an even more satisfying option. We created these interactive videos as extensions of our TV spots.

Tell the story in six seconds?

Easy. (Pre-roll on Youtube) 


The Hall of Claims

To accompany the TV campaign, we created a hub to house all of the outrageous and true claims on Farmers website. We then used those digital animations to create pre-roll and native ads.